Best Flying Academy

The best flying academy Miami in any aircraft is a well-trained pilot!

If you are looking for a quality flying academy in Miami, then you have come to the right place. If you research the top flying academy Miami, both online and offline, you will realize that we consistently rank among the best. So why should you consider training with us? You will love us because we have enough pilots and planes to meet our learners’ needs. This ensures that every learner has enough time to internalize the concepts and confidence needed to fly. For context, our time building program is easily one of the best in the country. Part of the reasons our program stands out is that trainees can access planes throughout the day.

The program runs 24/7, and trainees are always under the supervision of a pilot. We are also highly market-oriented. We take pride in being leaders in single and multi-engines that gear our trainees towards corporate and regional airlines’ careers. Our trainees also have the flexibility to choose the number of hours they need to develop the confidence to fly. We split time into 100, 200,300, 500, and 1000 hours, and one can build time solo or in shared sessions. By joining our flying program, you will also be in a position to fly in pretty much all conditions. We achieve this by training learners to fly in the continental U.S. and the Caribbean.

The goal is to ensure that a learner can fly in heavy air traffic and rough weather by the end of the program. Try us today and train flying with the best. Clickhere to register.

Career Steps

1 . Private Pilot License ( PPL )

2 . Instrument Rating ( IR )

3 . Time Building Programs

4 . Commercial Single & Multi Engine ( CPL )

*You may choose to do either license individually or choose to enroll in our Professional Pilot Program ( Zero Time – CPL Single & Multi ) ( 0 – 250 hours )

We are leaders in the time building business & can help you achieve any amount of time needed for any type of aviation future you decide to have!