Private Pilot License

A Pr,vate Pilot License is probably the all around best personal aviation certification for those who are truly serious about their flying and who need to fly longer distances and carry more passangers. A person who holds a Private Pilot License may do almost anything and everything that a Commercial Pilot may do -except flying for hire. A Private Pilot (with the proper ratings and endorsements) may fly higher performance airplanes – including multi engine airplanes and jets, fly cross-country flights – even to other countries. Private Pilots can carry multiple passangers, fly at night and – properly rated with an FAA Instrument Raitng – fly in less-than-ideal weather conditions.

Requirements For Private Pilot License ( PPL )

  • Be able to read, speak, write and understand the English Language.
  • Must be atleast 17 years old to receive license( 16 years old to solo )
  • Obtain an FAA medical certificate.
  • Log at least 40 total hours of flight training.
  • Receive at least 20 hours of Dual flight training from an authorized flight instructor.
  • Log at least 10 hours of Solo flight time.
  • Pass the required written knowledge test.
  • Pass a Practical Test consisting of both an oral examination and a flight test.

Course Duration

Based on a full time course, a student Pilot will need 5-6 weeks to complete depending on the individuals experience and preparation for the course.

FAR 61 Private Pilot Course CESSNA 150/152

CESSNA 150/152Hours / Price
Dual CESSNA 150/15230
Solo CESSNA 150/15210
Ground Training20
All Training Literature & Tests
Total Cost$8,250

FAR 61 Private Pilot Course

PA-28Hours / Price
Dual PA-2830
Solo PA-2810
Ground Training20
All Training Literature & Tests
Total Cost$8,650

FAR 61 Private Pilot Course Cessna 172

Cessna 172Hours / Price
Dual Cessna 17230
Solo Cessna 17210
Ground Training20
All Training Literature & Tests
Total Cost$9,050